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How to Know When You’ve Found The One

Finding The One is the topic of many romcoms, fairy tales and romance stories. Many of us grow up with the idea that we will meet our perfect match and know straight away. For some, this truly is the case, while for others different scenarios play out. 

Whether every one of us actually has a perfect match amongst the billions of people on this planet is another question. However a few things are certain: two people can find love and build a healthy relationship together, and some people are a better match than others.

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So, whether you believe or not that The One exists, here are a few signs of how to know you and your partner are a good match.

1. Seeing them makes you feel better

No matter whether you’re stressed or feeling happy, just seeing your partner makes you feel calmer already. And it’s not just your brain telling you this, it’s your body, too. You feel comfortable in their presence, can trust them and are able to fully relax.

2. You are working towards a shared goal

Both of you want to make this relationship work and strive toward the same vision you have as a couple. You put in equal effort and work things out as they come up.

Furthermore, you talk about the future and make plans. Whether it’s a week or a year away, you’re not afraid to book a holiday or celebration.

3. You respect each other’s differences

Though you may not agree with everything they say, think or do, you respect these differences and can still be yourself. 

You acknowledge each other’s flaws and accept the other for who they are.

Though you may still find certain actions annoying, you are able to show them a level of kindness and patience, that you may not have for other people with similar irritating habits.

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4. You can have fun and be serious

Some moments call for seriousness, others for relaxation, fun and laughter. If you’re able to have both fun and serious conversations with your partner, this is a great sign. Being able to share or support one another throughout the range of emotions is an excellent relationship foundation.

5. You learn and grow together and as individuals

Even though you may see yourself as one unit and often use the pronouns “we” and “us” when making plans, you are still two individual people with personal ambitions. If you are able to help each other grow individually and as a couple (including the shared vision mentioned above), you’ve got a keeper. 

Valuing the time you spend together and apart while having a certain level of independence is a sign of a healthy relationship.

6. You support each other

Not only do you offer each other support when needed, but you also make each other feel loved. You’re able to be vulnerable in front of them and aren’t scared of feeling judged when sharing stories about yourself.

They can lean on you, as much as you can lean on them.

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7. Things just seem to flow

This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy-breezy. Relationships need work, and there will be rough patches and moments of tension. But, on the whole, the relationship will feel easy – you can talk about issues, and you feel heard and understood (even if it does take some explaining).

8. You’ve met each other’s family and friends

Getting to know the people who have been alongside your partner throughout their life and integrating friends and family into each other’s lives is a big step. This may not always run smoothly, but if the willingness is there to introduce each other, you’re on the right track.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of knowing when you’ve found The One, or a list where you need to be able to tick every box. However, hopefully, some of these will have offered you an idea of how you can be more certain of your match when finding love.

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