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How to Have More Meaningful Conversations

Relationships are built on many different types of interactions. One of these is conversations. Whether through body language, written or spoken words, face-to-face or via text message, most of us spend some time each day talking to others.

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If you want to deepen the relationships in your life, one way to do this is through engaging in more meaningful conversations. Unfortunately, it’s not like you can go up to someone and say: “Hey! I want to have a deep’n’meaningful with you. Let’s go!”. But having more truly meaningful conversations isn’t very complicated either. 

In its simplest form, meaningful conversations with others come from building connections through finding common ground and interests.

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There are some tips and tricks that can help you have more meaningful conversations in person, via text and even on dating apps. 

So, without further ado, here they are.

4 tips for having more meaningful conversations

1. Start with small talk

As counter-intuitive as this may seem, small talk – especially if you’re just getting to know each other – is one of the best ways to find common ground.

If you already are good friends with the person, a little bit of small talk helps you (re)connect after you haven’t seen each other for a few hours or a few days. Bonding over the small things that have happened throughout your day creates a better base for you to connect before talking about more complex or emotional topics.

2. Ask questions

Asking questions isn’t only about showing curiosity, it also shows that you’ve been paying attention to what the other person has been saying.

By asking relevant questions you show that you’re engaged and (hopefully) interested in what the other person is saying. But try not to fire questions at the other person like you’re conducting a job interview.

Another thing to keep in mind is to try and ask open-ended questions. For example: “How did you find that experience?” instead of “Was it exciting?”. With the latter, you tend to get more single-word yes/no answers. And, by asking more open-ended questions you allow the other person to expand on their story which, in turn, gives both of you a better chance to find more shared interests and meaningful talking points.

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3. Listen to their answer

This should go without saying, that you should listen to what your date or friend is saying. But, of course, it does occasionally happen to the best of us that our minds wander or we get too excited to ask our next question or how best to relate our own similar story.

So remind yourself to stay present.

Forgetting to pay attention to what is actually happening right in front of you is natural, but if you’re really wanting to have a conversation with more depth, stay present in your conversations and actively listen to what your date, friend, or colleague is saying.

4. Share something about yourself

By showing the willingness to share a story about yourself you create the chance to build a greater bond. Depending on the context, it may also be a sign that you’re opening up to them which, in turn, paves the path to having more meaningful conversations.

You can do this when relating to something they’ve said or when you’re answering a question.

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Whether you’re on a date, catching up with old friends or at a work event, having meaningful conversations allows you to build better connections with the people around you. Give these suggestions a try and experience how your conversation and relationship evolve.

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