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Single and not quite ready to mingle: Tips on how to enjoy being single

Being single is often equated to being miserable. It’s a statement that tends to be followed up with many questions and assumptions – about you, your lifestyle and usually your life choices.

There could be many reasons why you’re single and, to be honest, the only person whose business that is is yours. Period.

Being bombarded by society’s expectations and statements about how you should be living your life can make you feel inadequate or like there’s something wrong with you. So, in this article we want to do the opposite and show you why being single can have so many benefits for you and, interestingly, for your relationships, too. 

Reasons why being single can be good for you

As everyone’s experience and lives are different, not every one of these reasons will speak to you, but hopefully, they’ll give you enough of a reason to feel that being single really can be a good thing.

You get to know yourself better and have the space to grow into the person *you* want to be.
Whether you consider yourself old or young, you’re always learning about yourself and there’s no better time to do it than when single.

Being single pushes you out of your comfort zone, whether you like it or not. Yes, you most likely have friends and family members who you can rely on. But some things that you may not want to do, you’ll have to do and figure out for yourself.

If, in the long term, you’re looking to be in a relationship, being single can help you determine what it is you actually want and need from a relationship. Exploring and experimenting are all great benefits of being single.

It’s a great time to learn to love yourself. Through greater self-love, you develop greater self-esteem and, at the same time, teach others how to love you.

And the best part is, most of these reasons allow you to improve ALL of your relationships – with yourself, friends, family or colleagues.

5 tips to enjoy being single

So now that you know why being single can be a good thing, here are some suggestions of how you can make the most of it.

  1. Find a hobby you enjoy.
  2. Rekindle old friendships or family connections that may have fallen by the wayside.
  3. Take yourself out on dates. Yep, you heard us: Treat. Your. Self.
  4. Be spontaneous. When single, you tend to only have to worry about your own schedule and have the freedom to make last-minute plans with friends or trips to new places.
  5. Reflect on your past week, months or years. Value how much you’ve grown or how far you’ve come and see where or what you could improve. This type of self-reflection can help in your personal development and increase your self-awareness and confidence.

The truth is, you might not always feel great about being single, and that’s okay. After all, as human beings, we naturally seek out connections with others. But that connection doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. So, in addition to learning to enjoy your singledom, remember that although you may be labelled as “single”, you’re not alone. With friends, family and even colleagues, you have many different relationships and connections in your life that you can draw upon.

So, find what works for you, and remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. 

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